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Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms in USA   An USA State of Missouri site designed to help people distinguish between edible and poisonous mushrooms. Comprehensive, well written, well  illustrated, sensible.

Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms in Slovenia, Europe  23 edible mushrooms of the meadows and woods of Solenia are described, with brief notes on taste, digestibility, how they may be used, whether they can be dried; and links to descriptions of somewhat similar poisonous mushrooms with which they might be confused. 15 poisonous mushrooms are described, along with notes on which edible mushrooms they most resemble. Every entry, whether edible or poisonous, links to a superb photograph.

The American Mushroom Hunter - A business involved in Importation and Export of wild mushrooms, it will buy wild mushrooms from collectors.

Fresh wild gathered mushrooms collected from the Cascades in USA by an experienced gatherer. If you can't get out to gather your own...has boletes, cepes, morels, Porcini, Chantrelles, Lobsters, Matsutake, Black Trumpets.

The Morel Mushroom hunters page  Specifically for morel mushroom lovers in USA, it includes identifying morels and false morels, links, books and more, all in a humorous style

Mushroom History at the Milwaukee Public Museum, an article on the history of eating wild mushrooms.

Tom Volk's Fungi - General information about mushrooms including pictures which may help to identify wild edible and poisonous fungi.

Wild Mushrooms - A 'wild mushroom' collecting site with good advisory on collecting and  links to other wild mushroom sites.

Wild Mushroom harvesting Wild harvesting fungi in USA, particularly morels.

Wild Morels, Puffballs, and Oyster Mushrooms - Amusing and commonsense article on finding, harvesting and preparing 'the three kings'.

Freezing your excess mushrooms - Clear and simple instructions on how to prepare mushrooms for freezing for best results.

Fungi in New Zealand - Nice pictures, quite comprehensive, but more botanically than gastronomically oriented. Nevertheless, useful information embedded within.

Greens, Roots, Berries

Wild foods and collecting them - Article from Food & Wine  Magazines site, main interst is the recipes

Wild Harvest - Collecting wild woodland produce in USA  - wild mushrooms, fiddleheads, ramps, leeks. It includes a calendar of harvest seasons, and recipes.

Immature Fern fronds in USA - The Fiddlehead an information page on fiddle head ferns

Samphire - General information about sea beans or samphire, Crithmum maritimum a seaside living foragable plant

Scotland foraging - 45 edible wild plants are very briefly described, along with a simple color picture of each.

USA Wisconsin wild plant foods - around 50 shoots, roots, berries and nuts, for fresh eating, cooking or teas, are described in brief detail, plus a very good photo. Links from a table of common names thru' to individual pages on each type.

Celtnet Wild Food Recipes
An extensive collection of recipes for wild and foraged foods. Includes preparation methods and links to plant descriptions.

Wild Food Guide
A guide to over 100 of the commonest wild foods and edible weeds with plant information and links to recipes.


Seaweed foraging - this site sells seaweed (dried!), but also sells a guide to foraging seaweed, and a useful feature article on collecting one seaweed, Kombu (Laminaria Digitata) on the US Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

Guided Foraging

Wild Food Adventures - Wild Food Adventures specalise in educational foraging, for want of a better description. Their site offers workshops, a newsletter, and sale of educational expertise. USA.

School of Self-Reliance's Wild Food Foraging Page - Information on some common North American wild foods.

New York Foraging Group-led by 'Wildman' Steve Brill. Regular foraging trips in New York parks, led by an expert, 23 foraging seasons in and still going!. This site gives times, dates, and places. Phone (914) 835-2153

Russ Cohen's Wild Plant/Mushroom Walks and Courses - Schedule and notes for walks and courses, mostly in Massacheusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. Email
Mushroom Hunting in Ireland - the site where guided seasonal mushroom hunting in Ireland is organised. Not only do they hunt Irish mushrooms, but trips to hut French mushrooms are organised from time to time.


THE WILD FOOD GOURMET,   by Anne Gardon -  A guide to wild foods such as berries and roots and how to prepare them. Illustrated with over 75 photos

Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms: an Introduction' The book includes sections on cultivating mushrooms (including seven major exotic varieties) and identifying wild New Zealand and Australian fungi species.‘Edible and

Book Reviews
Review of 19 foraging books  A page of reviews by professional forage leader, Russ Cohen

'Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants in Wild (And Not So Wild Places)'.by 'Wildman' Steve Brill. from bookstores or a signed copy from the author is available for $21 including shipping. E-mail


Tracking animals - an extensive advisory based on formal course notes in the bushcraft knowledge of animal tracking. Written for USA conditions, but universally applicable.

How to build live traps for small animals - a do it yourself guide to carpenting wooden traps to catch rabbits and other small animals.

All Outdoors - online resource for hunters and anglers, featuring an outdoor library, equipment information, and fishing and hunting forums.

Sporting Adventures  - information on hunting and fishing lodges and guides, photo library, chat area, classified adverts, field guides.

Fowler in the Wild, a book published in 1987 in the U.K. by Eric Begbie, is presented in it's entirety and free on-line for all those wishing to learn the practicalities of bird hunting in the UK through the generosity of the author.

British Fishing and shooting links - links to wildfowlers Associations, angling clubs, Game and wildfowl conservation groups, specialist fishing bookshops and more in the United Kingdom.

Buckmasters - An on-line magazine focussed on deer hunting, primarily white tail deer. News, views, and events. USA.

Team Whitetail - Also focussed on hunting whitetail deer. Magazine style, tips and hints.

Fish n Hunt big game in New Zealand  An overview of the deer species (Red, Sika, Rusa, Sambar, Whitetail, Wapiti, Fallow) in New Zealand, their history of introduction, distribution, and when they may be hunted.

The Hunters Hut Pages of very good practical information fro those wanting to go hunting, and existing hunters. The section for new hunters is particularly welcome. Written for Australian conditions, but universally applicable.

Sea and River Food

New Zealand
Saltwater angling - This page from the 'fish n hunt site' is an illustrated overview of the kinds of target species, fishing methods (jigging, surfcasting etc) and areas for saltwater fishing in New Zealand.

Saltwater and freshwater  - This page from the '' site links to various in depth articles on baits for specific sea and freshwater fish.

Fishnet's fish fact file Is an excellent series of fact sheets on all the major freshwater and marine fish that can be caught on rod and reel in Australia. It covers habitat, bait, tackle, suitable conditions, and best fishing spots. Very good.

Razor clams - how to clean and prepare

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