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Goat Meat
Growing Goat Meat -JJ  brief one page overview of the challenges of growing goats in Georgia, USA, from Fort Valley State University
Spainish meat goats  JJ Breed in Canada. Description, photo, pros and cons, from a Canadian breeder.
Sheep Meat
Buying a ram JJJJ An excellent page from an expert. All you need to know when buying the necessary ram to keep those lambs coming.

Lambing JJJJJ An excellent FAQ for home sheep growers on all aspects of lambing, covering all problems, contingencies and proceedures in an easy to understand and comprehensive document.
http://www.connix.com/~mlfarm/rural/ lamb.html
To castrate ram lambs or not JJJJ Complete advice on the pros and cons.
Docking lambs tails  JJJJ Very good practical advice on the two main techniques - rubber ring and hot iron.
Predators of sheep - dogs JJJ Useful notes on the pattern of dog attacks on sheep.
 Breeding for parasite resistance JJJJ A short piece on the remarkable resistance of St.Croix sheep to intestinal parasites. This is of exceptional importance for farmers trying to manage parasite loads with minimal or no anti-worm animal medecines. Of importance in USA primarily, as this breed is extremely rare in the West, but is present in USA.
Sheep Breeds suitable for small farms
Sheep breeds JJJJJ From the Oklahoma State University in USA, this is probably the very best data base of different sheep breeds on the Internet. Each breed is described, it's pros and cons given, the breed societies listed (USA), and a good photo or photos included. Very complete.
Dorset JJJ From the Oklahoma State University in USA, breed history and descriptions, good photo, and breed societies in USA.
Dorper JJJ A short piece on Dorper sheep breed, important because it requires no shearing.  Neglected shearing is common in small lifestyle situations, and it leads to many problems with maggot infestation in wet and shitty wool.
Dorper JJJJ A very good fact sheet giving an overview of the breed. Includes an excellent photo.
American Dorper Sheep Breeders Society  JJJ A page giving brief details of the origin of the breed, it's specific virtues, and contact details for executives. Plus further internet links.
Southdown.  Considered by some to have the sweetest of all sheepmeat, Southdown has short, dense 'down' type wool (as does Suffolk, Dorset Horn, Poll Dorset, Dorset Down, Shropshire, Hampshire and a few others). Well muscled, short legs, a very efficient converter of grass to meat, hardy, fast growing lambs.
Miniature Southdowns  JJJJ History of the breed, and information on the original, very small 'type', which is deally suited to small holdings. Modern commercial 'strains' are much larger, and much leaner. Many photos.
Southdown in USA Bare facts and statistics, good photo of th 'modern' type.
Rabbit Meat
Growing Rabbit Meat JJJJ A very good guide to commonsense and simple rabbit care specifically for meat and on a domestic scale. Besides full details on care, breeding, and more, there are also some useful additional links.
Quail Meat
 Growing Coturnix quail JJ A quick one page overview of the basic steps to hatch and rear coturnix meat quail
Ostrich, Emu, Rhea Meat
 Canadian Ostrich Association (COA) - A Canadian national organization  supporting  ostrich ranching with  research and promotion of ostrich products and meat.
Lizard Meat
Growing Iguanas for meat JJJ A good one page outline of the pioneer work in finding a method of domesticating and loosely 'ranching' green iguanas in Central America. A good broad view, no greatly detailed specifics.
Guinea Pig Meat
Raising Guinea Pigs for Meat or Money - JJJJ From the 'Developing Countries Farm Radio Network' , a complete guide to growing guinea pigs for meat, albeit oriented to tropical countries.
 Killing and dressing out animals and birds
Slaughtering  JJJJ A comprehensive page from the University of Guelph, Canada, mainly on commercial slaughterhouse killing and dressing, but the general principals, problems, and proceedures are universal. The language is a bit technical, but it gives an excellent overview.

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